Travel to other Worlds

Shamanic drumming journey

Shamanic Drumming Journey

It is magical to relate to beings, spirits and animals of an unseen world.
It is a subtle working, like magic at work.


In the shamanic journey you move out of time and step into the timeless «now».

With the help of the drum , your state of consciousness changes. Brain activity (theta state) changes due to a constant rhythm at a certain frequency. This state enables the trance.

We can travel to the world below or to the world above. We always travel with a purpose. This is, for example, a specific life question that burns in your heart. Or you can ask for support and healing.

Do you already know your power animal? It chooses you, not the other way around. It accompanies, protects, heals and guides you. It is by your side like a beloved friend.


I can then paint your power animal or a power picture for you. Or I can accompany you in your own painting process.


Shamanic drum journey 60 minutes: CHF 130.-



Travel to other Worlds


“Andrea Roder combines an infinite number of talents and talents. Through her work, she manages time and again to lead people from separation to unity, from darkness to light and from captivity to freedom.”

Eugen Staub, coach and project manager