Touching things for Babies and Parents


My ART also affects the little Ones.


As a mother of three, medical practice assistant, co-founder of a family center, breastfeeding consultant and course leader for baby and child massage for 10 years, I offer exceptional shamanic support for parents and babies.


Working with all the tools in my backpack, I have created a unique WAY to empower and nurture the little ones and their newborn parents.

Your baby understands song, music, sound and rhythm. It understands the love of warm touching hands. It opens easily for the gentle shamanic healing work.

Baby massage, basic bonding and intimate attentive touch is a large part of the units. Your baby feels how loved it is. Solemn powerful and gentle rituals welcome it into this world.

As a mother or father, you too experience your own entry into the new phase of life in the form of an initiation, a ritual. That is so often forgotten and so important. You are no longer who you were. Who are you now?


60 minutes CHF 130.-
with babies from birth


In group courses with babies from approx. 3 months
5 units of 1.5 hours each: CHF 550.-



As parents once again as two go out. This is possible in Zug.

“How much we would like to have our couple time for two back again – even if it’s just for a single dinner.” This is the dream of many parents. This is now possible in Zug at the Landsgemeindeplatz.


My studio is right next to the Hotel Löwen. As a mother of three children (two of them are adults), lactation consultant, 10-year course instructor for baby massage, co-founder of the family center kindLine, and originally a medical practice assistant, you can entrust your child to me. Even your baby. Awake or asleep in the stroller. I’m also sling fit. You’ll be back within a minute if it wakes up and calls for you. I paint canvases with the older children, we play with the colors and experience imagination and joy while you, the parents, enjoy the undisturbed time together. By phone, I will be able to reach you, and then you will be able to get back immediately if necessary.

From any age. The date is on request. Let’s make an appointment.


Childcare: 60 minutes: CHF 60.-
10 subscriptions of 60 minutes each: CHF 400.-

Sibling discount