Let's be honest... who reads terms and conditions?
Not me. And you?
So I'll be very brief:


Sale, payment, delivery
Ordered art items can be picked up directly from Andrea Roder, so that no shipping costs are incurred.

All items are also sent by post to domestic and international customers. In this case, the buyer bears the packaging, customs and shipping costs. The amount to be paid will be invoiced and can be transferred by bank.

The costs to be paid refer to the prices that are currently visible on the homepage when the contract is concluded, or result from a current agreement between the buyer and seller. The prices on the homepage can be adjusted by Andrea Roder at any time.

Course system / individual sessions
The full price will be charged for appointments that are missed without excuse. Cancellation up to one week before the event is free of charge. If you cancel at a later date, 50% of the course fee will be charged.

Copyright word colors
The logo in word color in image and writing is the property of Andrea Roder. All rights to images, texts and works of art are subject to the copyright of Andrea Roder.


I find all other terms and conditions that could be listed here to be unnecessary. With interpersonal agreements, mutual respect and appreciation, they become superfluous.



Andrea Roder