Shamanic Healing Session

Individual session listening to the heart

Heart Hearing and Healing

You can come to me with anything. There is nothing that cannot be done. I listen to you, sense the underlying issue "underneath" and with that we go into healing.

I'm really good at hearing my heart. I can trust my intuition. I am deeply connected to the knowing source of life. I can receive and pass on strength and help to others.

From my backpack of life experience and training, I unpack what seems most valuable to you at the moment. My way of working consists of the following options:


  • intuition
  • Shamanic healing work and powerful shamanic rituals
  • Systemic Family Constellation
  • touch / massage
  • Move
  • meditation
  • Sound, Music (Mystic Handpan and Drum Journeys)
  • colors and images

60 minutes: CHF 130.-


As an Expression of Self-Love

If you don't love yourself and take care of yourself, it's hard to love and be there for other people. When you respect, nurture, and give to yourself, your family and loved ones benefit directly.


Every act of love is a service to the world. Treat yourself to wellness not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

I open a door to your own healing powers and to your inner center. It takes you where body and soul alike come at peace. There, where your immense power lies.

I remind you of your pure essence and divinity. This shamanic blessing ritual nourishes and strengthens you.

That's just good. Afterwards you are full of energy, satisfied, fulfilled and charged with positive thoughts.

You are loved.

60 minutes: CHF 130.-

As an expression of self-love