Personal Image of Power

Personal image of power

Your Companion for the Soul / your Power Image

I believe in different realities that are equally true. To visible and invisible worlds.


I can trust my intuition. I am deeply connected to the knowing source of life. Through my inner guidance I sense premonitions and messages. I can receive knowledge, power and help for others. This allows me to express your personal image of power. I also like to paint your power animal for you - do you already know it?

It touches me deeply to make this essence visible.


Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 cm, CHF 350.-


Pictures of all sizes are possible, the canvases are handmade one-offs.




Travel to other worlds


"Andrea Roder's radiant nature, her creativity and her love of colors and shapes inspired me when working with her. Her works testify to imagination and empathy, which she lovingly and skilfully brings to paper, ceramics and wood."

Monica Kummer, graphic artist and image medium