Mail for the Heart

Mail for the heart

Invaluable in Times of Isolation

It is a great surprise to receive a colorful large envelope filled with lightness and joie de vivre.


My lines are heartfelt, intimate and loving. They touch the heart and sink deep to the bottom of the soul. You'll be amazed that I put the right words on paper. Even if I don't know the recipient.

You can order a letter for yourself or give it to a loved one.


A letter of at least two pages in word colors in an A5 envelope, finest craftsmanship: CHF 80.-

Letter Mail as a loving Companion

I can trust my intuition. I am deeply connected to the knowing source of life.


Through my inner guidance I sense premonitions and messages. I can receive and pass on knowledge, strength and help to others.

My letters provide answers to questions and concerns. The words caress you. They wake you up and challenge you. You are asked to grow. My words have an effect.


10 word color letters that move.
At least 2 pages of finest craftsmanship: CHF 700.-


Letters in word colors – that's how you wrote the offer that my husband gave me. At first I didn't really know what to expect. But every time there was great joy when such a beautiful letter was in the mailbox. The strikingly creative external appearance surprised. But I was even more amazed by your intuition. How could you sense my themes so precisely? You shed light on my questions from different angles and, with great sensitivity, gave me very valuable tips for further thinking. I am very grateful to you, dear Andrea, for this loving input.

I can really only recommend these letters. They conjure up a smile on your face, let you feel light and love and open your eyes.

Margaret Bauman



“I have known Andrea for many years as a very creative, imaginative, attentive and sensitive woman. Her great strength is the use of language, which she lovingly wraps in colorful images. Her way of thinking is inspiring, her open nature is refreshing and invigorating. She is able to lead people in depth, to themselves. Her big themes are freedom and love. I hardly know anyone from whom I have learned more about it.”

Karlo Müller, trainer, coach and theater maker