Commission Painting

commission painting

Commission Painting

And your life will be colourful.

Your pet, your favorite subject, a memory of a beautiful moment...


If I can paint your desired picture on the canvas, a temporary connection is created between us. This is a joint process, growing and becoming. You are involved in the creation of the image, I will keep you up to date with photos and stories, and your inputs, wishes and thoughts are incorporated.


The price for your desired picture depends on the size of the picture, the offer and the time required.
Pictures of all sizes are possible, the canvases are handmade one-offs.


If you want to paint something else, eg furniture, clothes, shoes etc. - just ask me, maybe I can support you.


"Andrea is a volcano full of positive energy and joie de vivre. These qualities in turn flow into her art, where she shows an enormously broad talent in beautifying a wide variety of objects. Whether mural, vehicle, shoes, ceramics or furniture. From very big to small things. Everything suits her equally."

Hermann Wenger, entrepreneur and managing director


“Andrea is a naturally gifted artist and textile designer. Her creative mind allows her to develop ideas stunningly in her own style and expression.”

Joanne Finnegan, Painter