When death came

I am full of humility that I was able to mediate between the worlds, that I intuitively did the “right” things. I followed my inner voice.
We’re so led.


The canvas was very quickly primed green and “death came” within a short time.

I sketched the skull in no time, the bare eye sockets were added and a mouth that smiled toothlessly at first. yes it was a smile A peaceful smile, benevolent and loving. It sounds a bit unimaginable, but from this picture – this naked skull – a love and an immense power flowed. It touched me deeply. So strong that I couldn’t stop painting… I usually paint on a picture for weeks. I paint over again, recapture, try out and flow with it. This picture, however, did not give me a break. It wanted to be on screen, and it wanted it now. In one piece. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It was precise, definite and clear.

Then I wrote a text about it* and blessed and smoked the picture. It was incense and sage that I use for this ritual. It has become a habit for me to “let go” of sold paintings in an intimate farewell ritual, to give them the right energy and intention and to respect and honor the work.

However, this painting had not yet been sold. At the time, I couldn’t say why I did the letting go and blessing in advance. It was just like that. It was true. It was just as inexplicable to me at that moment that I took this picture and sent it to a woman who had already reserved another picture for me. This woman – Sabina – came to my studio only once, otherwise we don’t know each other.
Because Sabina got a new mobile phone that day, my picture was not sent to her.

Today we agreed because she wanted to pick up her other picture that was reserved for her. And then there was my ancestral power skull picture. Next to it stood the drum “Samhain”, which also carries a tremendously beautiful ancestral power in its deep sound.
Sabine was magically attracted by this ancestral power and the love of the deceased, as this picture conveys. It was clear to her that this picture belonged to her. She bought the picture and she bought the drum.

It was the same evening that Sabine called me. With a trembling voice she said that her father died. He left at the time when she was standing in front of the picture in my studio and was touched by the ancestral power that she was able to accept.

In hindsight, I see all the pieces of the puzzle in life. Why I had to finish the picture right now. Why it was so clear I wanted to bless and burn it – before it was sold. The great love and ancestral power that flowed out and my thoughts of Sabina, a woman who was actually a stranger to me. That I sent her the photo that she never received. (Because she should feel this picture herself without my influence.) And how it all worked out…..The path that led her to me, her touch about this ancestral power and about my text for the picture* and our magical encounter with the deep conversation about death.

And during that time her father died.

Shamanic family constellations

Clarify relationships and bring order to the system with universal laws of life

Together we form a healing circle, each of which is significant, supporting and important. I use drum, rattle, sound and scent and various shamanic tools.
There are no “representatives” and no “standers” in advance, as is usual with family constellations. The moment will show us what it’s all about and who – or what – is on it. What comes to light is what needs to be healed. Everyone benefits from every constellation, from every sequence.
In the shamanic field we are safely guided.

1. October 2022
11.00 -17.00 Uhr
With an hour lunch break,
“Shared” at the shared buffet

Surroundings Zug
Depending on the number of participants, the
Exact location yet to be announced.

CHF 199.00*

An open heart

Andrea Roder 079 564 74 32

*For no-shows and cancellations,
that are not emergencies will be charged at CHF 100.

Halftime of the year


…if you want to be there this year.

Halftime of the year! Reason enough to show the wonderful new Rauhnachts flyers!


This year I will again celebrate the rough nights with a group of conscious people.

Can you imagine that we’re already halfway through the year? That it’s Christmas in 6 months?

8 annual festivals from the rough nights to the next rough nights. Of these, four sun and four moon festivals are the spokes in the wheel of the year, which has been turning unchanged for ages. All our cultures have built their festivals, cults and rituals on it.

Registration: / 079 / 564 74 32

Weekend course babies

At the tender beginning – a safer start in life

19./20. March 2022

A weekend training course for specialists, interested parties, and parents.

As a mother of three and shaman, medical practice assistant, co-founder of a family center, breastfeeding consultant, and course leader for baby and child massage for 10 years, I offer an extraordinary weekend for people who have to do with babies.

I teach Baby Massage (IAIM), Basic Bonding and Emotional First Aid as I learned from Vimala McClure (IAIM), Ute Laves and Mechthild Derringer.

I also work with all the tools from my backpack and have created a unique WAY to understand and empower the little ones.

The baby understands song, music, sound, and rhythm. It understands the love of warm touching hands. It opens easily for the gentle shamanic healing work.

The fine drum, rattle, feather, blessings, mantras, and other shamanic tools and rituals accompany these hours.

Saturday and Sunday, 19. /20. March 2022, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Compensation for the whole weekend, incl. Course material CHF 250.00
Course location: Andrea Roder Wortfarben, Seestrasse 5, 6300 Zug
Registration until 15. March 2022: / 079 / 564 74 32

1st prize at the Luxs competition 2021

The painting “Listen to your hEARt” was exhibited in Bern for a few months and in Lucerne for a few months before it is now back with me.
This unique shamanic heart painting is for sale.

“Hearing with the heart – that’s the most beautiful utopia I can imagine,” says Andrea Roder Wortfarben. After the finissage of “Utopie des Hören” in December, we were able to personally present her with the prize: The artist has won the very first LUXS award and prize money of 1,000 francs – our heartiest congratulations! 🎉
Listen To Your Heart

The elements, fire, air, water and earth are animated and alive. Helpers, spirit beings and power animals are at your side. They speak to you, support and guide you. And suddenly you hear them. Because you are deeply connected to the ever-reality and to everything that is alive. When you listen, you recognize yourself as part of the whole and begin to listen very delicately with your heart. And maybe then other people will also listen more with their hearts. And one day everyone will. This is the most beautiful utopia I can imagine.

As parents once again as two go out

“How much we would like to have our couple time for two back again – even if it’s just for a single dinner.” This is the dream of many parents. This is now possible in Zug at the Landsgemeindeplatz.

My studio is right next to the Hotel Löwen. As a mother of three children (two of them are adults), lactation consultant, 10-year course instructor for baby massage, co-founder of the family center kindLine, and originally a medical practice assistant, you can entrust your child to me. Even your baby. Awake or asleep in the stroller. I’m also sling fit. You’ll be back within a minute if it wakes up and calls for you. I paint canvases with the older children, we play with the colors and experience imagination and joy while you, the parents, enjoy the undisturbed time together. By phone, I will be able to reach you, and then you will be able to get back immediately if necessary.

From any age. The date is on request. Let’s make an appointment.

Childcare: 60 minutes: CHF 60.-
10-subscriptions of 60 minutes each: CHF 400.-

Sibling discount

Fest des Lichtes – Imbolc

Ich freue mich sehr, gemeinsam mit Gianna Garofalo das keltische Mondfest Imbolc, verbunden mit Schamanischen Einheiten und Yogischen Lichtritualen anzubieten.

Das Fest des Lichtes. Jetzt werden die Tage immer wärmer und heller. Die Sonne bekommt wieder Kraft und ist auch länger zu sehen. Langsam vertreibt sie die Dunkelheit. Werde dir bewusst, welche Hindernisse dich bremsen, um dein Potential zu entfalten und dein Licht strahlen zu lassen.

Komm in den Kreis…

Anmeldung unter: oder

Vereinsgründung «Kunst und Schamanismus»

Your power animal drum
Your power animal drum

«Ich lasse mir doch von der Realität nicht vorschreiben, was ich wahrnehme.»

Die ganze Welt geht wieder vermehrt auf Abstand.
Ich spüre es jedoch anders. Ich fühle, dass gerade jetzt die Zeit ist, sich wieder zu verbinden, Gleichgesinnte zu finden und ein Miteinander anzustreben.

Die Vereinsgründung ist ein Weg in eine «neue Welt», wo Menschen wieder aktiv in Gemeinschaften zusammen tätig sind. Wir können nur miteinander. Da bin ich mir ganz sicher. Wir brauchen einander. Wir leben dann glücklich, wenn wir zusammen für etwas brennen.

Der Verein bezweckt die Verbindung zwischen dem Alltag und der Spirituellen Welt. Das Transportmedium dazu sind Zeitgenössische Künste, allen voran die visuelle Bildsprache. Das Erreichen einer erhöhten Intuition und eines höheren Bewusstseinszustandes, um mit der spirituellen Welt in Verbindung zu treten, wird durch Farben und Bilder gefördert. Ebenso gefördert wird die Verbindung mit allen Geistwesen, mit Mutter Erde, dem Himmel und den Elementen.

Wir sind eine Glaubensgemeinschaft von Kunstinteressierten und Kunstschaffenden, welche den Impulsen des Schamanischen Denkens und Handelns nachgehen.

Lass auch du dir von der Realität nicht vorschreiben, was du wahrnimmst. Höre auf dein Herz. Das wünsche ich uns allen.

Pictures must touch

In the past weeks, three press articles about me appeared. It feels like my very own “Thanksgiving”. Suitable for the autumn season and fitting for after a very intense creative period.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart to the three wonderful journalists. With their sometimes challenging questions, they were tempted to find answers deep within myself. I am always amazed at what they revealed.

The following article comes from the Zug press:

“I always want to touch the core of the human being.”

The article about me on the ArthNight blog begins with this headline:

“How painting can heal and transform”

Martin Spilker’s text about my work was published in