Book of Pearl Tears

The Pearl Tears

The book from ever reality, written and illustrated by Andrea Roder.

"Full of humility and with a soft, tender heart, the butterfly woman accepted the gifts and bowed to the lion with deep respect and esteem. It was the moment she knew all the answers without asking the questions.

The fear and the love. The unknown and the constant. Throughout the journey, she had created skills, gained experience, and discovered wisdom that now served as her key."

This story is about mastering life as a whole. About the path of life with mental development tasks and the goal of self-realization, which ultimately enables one to be able to die in peace. The three keys to this are self-love, trust and forgiveness.

The original images from the book can be purchased.



book order:
Book price: CHF 49.-
Order: Andrea Roder, 079 564 74 32,

On request with a personal dedication and message for you or as a gift.


Picture order:
The original pictures are painted with acrylic paints on canvas in the size 120x160 cm (mother) and 60x80 cm (animals).
Brilliant prints of all original images can be ordered on forex plates in any size.

Price forex plate prints of the images: from CHF 180.- (40x50cm)
Price for original images: On request


Order: Andrea Roder, 079 564 74 32,


The book can also be obtained directly from Buchhaus Balmer or from the Zug City Library.


The Pearl Tears

This is how the book "The Pearl Tears" came about...