Andrea Roder

Farfalla Andrea Roder


I am a much-loving human child. A lady who brings stars to life, connects worlds and changes perspectives.

I go ahead and break through the dogmas and norms in many areas. I invented my own new ways that have not existed before. Love is my teacher, I see it in every being and everything.

I use art as a gateway to the soul.

For me, it is the bridge between everyday life and the spiritual world.
When I cross this bridge, I receive hunches, intuitions, and ideas, live between fantasy and reason. Between feeling and thinking.
With my colors, words, touches, and sounds, I can have subtle effects and change energies. In myself and in others.

I feel safe in touching and listening to my heart. As I am and with what I do, I help people to transform destructive unconscious patterns into simple joy in life.

My soul is still, quiet and fine. My mind is fresh, imaginative, and inventive.

I want to face the truth of life openly, even if it sometimes hurts. The beginning and ending of life and its transitions, resurrection, transformation, and metamorphoses fascinates me. Again and again, these themes flow into my work.

My nickname Farfalla (butterfly) I gained many years ago.


I share my magical and healing arts with you because I believe that it opens hearts. My ART effects.

farfalla - Andrea Roder
farfalla - Andrea Roder: «I share my magical and healing art with you because I believe that it opens hearts. My ART effects."