When death came

I am full of humility that I was able to mediate between the worlds, that I intuitively did the “right” things. I followed my inner voice.
We’re so led.


The canvas was very quickly primed green and “death came” within a short time.

I sketched the skull in no time, the bare eye sockets were added and a mouth that smiled toothlessly at first. yes it was a smile A peaceful smile, benevolent and loving. It sounds a bit unimaginable, but from this picture – this naked skull – a love and an immense power flowed. It touched me deeply. So strong that I couldn’t stop painting… I usually paint on a picture for weeks. I paint over again, recapture, try out and flow with it. This picture, however, did not give me a break. It wanted to be on screen, and it wanted it now. In one piece. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It was precise, definite and clear.

Then I wrote a text about it* and blessed and smoked the picture. It was incense and sage that I use for this ritual. It has become a habit for me to “let go” of sold paintings in an intimate farewell ritual, to give them the right energy and intention and to respect and honor the work.

However, this painting had not yet been sold. At the time, I couldn’t say why I did the letting go and blessing in advance. It was just like that. It was true. It was just as inexplicable to me at that moment that I took this picture and sent it to a woman who had already reserved another picture for me. This woman – Sabina – came to my studio only once, otherwise we don’t know each other.
Because Sabina got a new mobile phone that day, my picture was not sent to her.

Today we agreed because she wanted to pick up her other picture that was reserved for her. And then there was my ancestral power skull picture. Next to it stood the drum “Samhain”, which also carries a tremendously beautiful ancestral power in its deep sound.
Sabine was magically attracted by this ancestral power and the love of the deceased, as this picture conveys. It was clear to her that this picture belonged to her. She bought the picture and she bought the drum.

It was the same evening that Sabine called me. With a trembling voice she said that her father died. He left at the time when she was standing in front of the picture in my studio and was touched by the ancestral power that she was able to accept.

In hindsight, I see all the pieces of the puzzle in life. Why I had to finish the picture right now. Why it was so clear I wanted to bless and burn it – before it was sold. The great love and ancestral power that flowed out and my thoughts of Sabina, a woman who was actually a stranger to me. That I sent her the photo that she never received. (Because she should feel this picture herself without my influence.) And how it all worked out…..The path that led her to me, her touch about this ancestral power and about my text for the picture* and our magical encounter with the deep conversation about death.

And during that time her father died.

When death came